Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Dorothy and Frank left after morning coffee I walked out to the car with them to say good-bye.

On my way back to the house I bent over to dislodge a small dandelion from the middle of a baby violet plant.

Fatal! Once bent over the enthusiasm to join the coutch grass in battle automatically kicks in!

It was an hour later that the word "coffee" percolated through my head.....

I looked around with satisfaction at all that had been accomplished, - rubbed my aching back and went in search of a coffee companion.

Ah, there he is, - just coming around the corner of the house with the new little wagon attached to the garden tractor, - headed obsessively towards the pile of prunings that obstruct him finishing the mowing job from yesterday. Head high, eyes alight, - I could see that there was no way I was going to divert him with a cup of coffee.

So I joined the fray.

An hour later, having received instructions on the best way to load the wagon, and the very best way to open the barbed wire gate if you don't have the strength to move the loop at the top ( the last especially appreciated, - one thing the driver of the tractor mower is endowed with is good common sense) - it was almost time for lunch. (13-bean-and-a-ham-hock soup)

A good morning's work, but no pictures to show for it, - the camera never came out with me when I accompanied Dorothy and Frank to their car...

We had a little nap after lunch, and then went to vote, to buy some wine, and to have birthday cake with our youngest great-grandchild, - one year old today, the little darling.

A complicated job, getting the best of that Birthday Cake....

Happy birthday - Frank Sinatra

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