Friday, May 15, 2009

At last, - a warm, sunny day. Perfect for gardening.

Happy days are here again - Mitch Miller

Hardly lingered over breakfast, and we were out the door early, with the tree planting equipment all ready and waiting.

Charles has been digging holes while the cold wind blew and the clouds stormed around these last few days. So it was just a matter of digging out those healthy curly willow cuttings, dropping them into the hole, filling the hole with top soil and watering them... Piece of cake. Sid (son) came along towards the end and kindly dug the last few holes, and we were finished by coffee time.

Spent the rest of the morning in a small skirmish with the coutch grass, all the while looking under and around the delphinium, the iris and the peonies for little volunteer sunflowers and engaging in a surprising half hour trying to make order out of chaos in the buttercup patch. While I have been looking desultorily out the window at the wind and rain they have taken advantage of the situation and spread far and wide in and amongst the iris and the oriental peony. And just now, this morning, preparing to invade the peony tree.

I gave them their marching orders in short order, but it involved a fair amount of tugging and pulling and digging, - all of which left me capable only of heating up the rest of the pizza for lunch and indulging in a two hour nap in the early afternoon.

No pictures, - left the camera indoors.

Tomorrow is pot planting day, all being well with the wind and the weather....

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