Sunday, May 3, 2009

The daffodils have faded, but the grape hyacinth are brilliant and all this week it's Tulip Time in the garden.

When the sun comes out, as it has today, they open their petals wide to the light and dance in the breeze.

And here is my favourite - 'Ramona', bright and golden and glowing.

They make a pretty showing in the garden on a nice bright breezy day.

Down the road, across the fence, the plum trees wear delicate white crinolines;

and the apple blossoms are showing pink promises of fragrant bloom.....

It all changes so quickly and yet so subtly, you hardly notice until you waken in the morning and something new has been added, - look, there's an errant cornflower growing out of the centre of that dandelion that is probably doomed for destruction, (poor thing). It pays to be mindful!!

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