Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22nd, 2009

A Friday, but that doesn't have the same connotations when you're retired.

Worked hard in the garden today, - Charles dug holes for the northern boundary curly willow line. This tree planting adventure is ongoing.....

I did battle with the aphids on the Philadelphia Orange (Safer's Insecticidal Spray) and after this I got the rolls of flower seed out, cut it to fit and laid it out around the peony bed, soaking it well as instructed. Must be kept moist, I guess until the seeds sprout and the fibre disintegrates. It was successful last year and I hope it will be this year, - the peonies need a year to settle themselves in.

Went to town and bought a lovely hanging pot from the grocery store, at grocery store prices.... It is hanging above the table on the deck, looking gay and colourful.

I turn my back and yet another bud opens, - what an exciting time in the garden. Some demotion work going on too, - I am dismantling the Chinese Lantern Underground!

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