Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Down the Garden Path

Buds and Blooms - a Rotogravure

A.N. Oriole, Esq. out with the Missis in Curly Willow Copse.

Admiring the first bloom on the Peony Tree

And the Allium, growing more splendidly globular each day..

A lovely pink tulip, furling its petals in preparation for a stroll down the Boulevard into oblivion.

The Coral Bells, a constant on the street corner and in for the long haul until October.

The Oriental Peony, surrounded by ferny foliage and accompanied by the ubiquitous buttercup - bold and brash, but nonethless beautiful glowing medallions.

The camera caught the Golden Alyssum looking somewhat shaggy and in need of a trim, so that in a while it will be fresh and fragrant as it blooms once again.

The Tulips, not as elegant as they once were, but still a pretty picture as they dance to the tune of the constant breeze.

In the past few days the heavenly blue flax has greeted the morning sun, but the photographer missed this lovely picture.

The Iris and the Columbine, the Peonies and even the oriental Poppy - all have buds in various stages of pregnant delight. Watch for them as they burst upon the scene and have their pictures taken for the Sunday Times.

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