Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life starts in the garden....

And that is the way it has been for me for the past twenty years.

When we moved from the farm and I discovered that marvelous acre of bottom land surrounding the house I was in heaven, - pure heaven! There were fruit trees and a beautiful forsythia. We made a wonderful 30x60 foot vegetable garden.

Charles built a log fence along the front of the property and we lined it with roses and delphiniums, viburna and hibiscus. We planted peonies and clematis, iris and daffodils, tulips and lilies, fifty roses and some pearly everlasting.

We planted trees around the perimeter, and in the back for shade. There was a medium sized willow that grew to giant proportions and provided swings and climbing adventure for the grandchildren.

I planted a cutting garden, and flowers for drying. It was my heyday!!

At five in the morning I would slip out into this dew kissed heaven. The morning shadows were long and sweet, and I stayed until a voice from the window would call hungrily....

For eighteen years we spent the golden days of our retirement here. When we celebrated our 60th anniversary it was time to move from the stairs and the five bedrooms.

Here we are now, at the back of a son and daughter-in-law's horse pasture with a most glorious view of the valley and the heady opportunity of making a new garden!

The soil here is Similkameen Chip Loam, perfect for fruit trees and grapes, - not so fine and loamy for veggies and flowers. We started by ordering top soil, pushing it around into place, marking paths and dreaming.

It is only a small garden, - perfect for a couple in their eighties. Enough to challenge us, but not enough to overwhelm.

We have been given a fine new camera by another son and daughter-in-law, which I am totally addicted to, and we need a spot to post our garden pictures. What better place than Down the Garden Path!!

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