Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This morning I rose early. Charles was still sleeping, and after I had enjoyed a cup of coffee the house was still quiet. Even Caspar. Only the cat and I shared the early morning.

I took the opportunity of slipping out into the garden with the Canterbury Bell vines that I have been nurturing in the bathroom for the last couple of months. Six plants in all, putting forth tendrils and ready to be planted out. I dug the little clump of grass beside the arbor which had succumbed to the winter; cleared out all the coutch grass that was threatening to take over and put three of the plants around the base of the little trellis that supported this same plant last year.

The other three I planted at the base of the birdhouse that hides within the Philadelphia Orange when it is in full foliage. Just as I finished things started stirring in the house, - Caspar and I went for a short walk, and then back home for breakfast.

I managed another half an hour skirmish with the coutch grass that has grown up along the pathway through the delphinium, the iris and the shasta daisies. It is so persistent, and has taken up underground company with the Chinese Lantern plant (physilis) that runs a subway through the garden with regular stops for thrusting up suburban branches of the Chinese Lantern Plant Company (Incorporated)!!!

Moved the pretty Turtle plant that has been crowded out by the pink Chrysanthemum to a spot at the front of the bed, next to the newly started Sage.

At noon we went to Penticton to see the doctor, with the hopes that within a few days we will be healthy and hearty and once again about our regular gardening business.

No sunshine today, and yet it wasn't dismal. The garden is doing as well in this cool weather as it would if May was pleasantly warm and sunny.

Enjoyed the Black Eyed Susans that cover the hillsides west of Penticton, and the Olalla bushes that still wear their white bridal finery.

Highlander - Corciolli

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