Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28th, 2009
David's Birthday

Worked VERY hard in the garden this morning, digging out violets and yarrow and always and ever the ubiquitous Chinese Lantern.

Rewarded by many sweet promises of things to come....

Here today are the new additions to the garden.

A pretty double columbine which is being surrounded by that plant which I suspect is a weed, but it has such pretty blue blooms, - what can one do but rescue the double columbine...

The Weigelia, stepping out tentatively with ruby red blossoms.

More blooms on the Nellie Moser...

A few more blooms on the Iris, but they are slow in coming.

The peonies buds are beginning to swell in the main garden. In the new peony bed I will de-bud any that are thinking of blooming so that their energy can go to making roots.

Charles cut the pasture today, - looks like a very elegant lawn with all the airy headed dandelions gone.

Tomorrow I won't spend so much time digging, - makes for tired muscles....

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