Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday in the garden

More energy today put into the demolition of the Chinese Lantern Subway (Inc.) and as I worked my way between plants I discovered that the Sweet Violet, whom one would imagine blushing shyly in out of the way places, is in truth running a close second to the CLS(Inc.) when it comes to performance and the establishment of Sweet Fragrant Branch Shops.

I was ruthless, and gradually the jungle image is disappearing and a more orderly garden is appearing.

The two Nellie Mosers are covered with buds, and here are lovely blooms on the younger of the plants, - not the one we brought from the Lost garden that now comforts the Russian Olive tree that didn't quite make it.

Tree peonies are glorious, but very short lived, and already the blooms are becoming rather tattered around the edges.

The pale pink Hawthorn....

and the first flush of Columbine...

I noticed when we went to town this afternoon to buy fertilizer for the curly willows that Iris and Peonies are beginning to bloom, but here on the hillside, at the back of the pasture, the buds of the peonies are still clinging firmly together. I expect there will be Iris unfurling any morning now, and here are some luminously pregnant oriental poppies....

Callie, the cat, finds the garden as enchanting as I do, and one of these days I will catch a picture of her as she investigates life under the flourishing barn flower, or in amongst the lilies.

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