Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Early November Garden

November 3rd, 2010

A touch of frost this morning, but not enough to damage any of the annuals, - the cosmos and the nasturtium keep blooming, along with the last of the roses and a magnificent display of chrysanthemums.

An Abraham Darby rose has passed through all its splendour, but still it's tattered  petals cling in amongst the leaves after three weeks of blooming.

Two years ago this rose barely survived the winter storms, but has come back beautifully.  With the prospect of another cold winter we will certainly do our best to protect it from the winds, hoping for a thick blanket of snow before the frost comes.  I would be so sad to lose it.....

Here is the garden as we came to the end of October, a glorious month.

The whole blooming canvas, and some of its parts.

The garden is a delight, but when we cast our eyes to the far distance we see the
whole valley in a gold and russet glow, and down in the orchard
the trees arch across the aisles and create a cathedral effect
that is beautiful, peaceful and holy.

Before the rains come it is time to pile on the mulch and look forward to next year's beauty
(for which I am so grateful)