Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Another wheelbarrow of discarded greenery to add to the new composters!!!!

Yesterday I took the car to town to fill it up with gas. Upon doing so I found it so frisky and unbridled that when we drove out to return home it headed in the opposite direction, wherein lies Don and Anna's plantland...

This being a clandestine visit I was careful to avert my eyes from any undue temptations, and came home with only a few filler plants. Some baby geraniums to fill out the peony bed, and a few white portulaca to augment the edge. In the far corner, where no seeds from the flower carpet germinated I planted a pumpkin and two cucumbers. I can see their leaves spreading and smothering all the weeds that seem to find this bed so welcoming.

This morning I was up early and planted them all before breakfast.

A fast trip to Penticton, - thus no other garden work. The Poppies are looking quite spectacular, and the lilies will be out in a few days.

I am still watching the buds on the remnants of the Abraham Darby closely.

The early iris are finished - lovely while they lasted. The delphinium will be quite splendid in a little while, - hopefully by Sunday there will be lots to put on the altar.

Here is the low pink climber, - the tall pink climber that embraces the arbour Charles made is featured on the daybyday blog, - must be fair.

I see little signs of yellow in the pot marigold, the daisy by the ruby red weigelia, and even the barn flower. What will I do with the barn flower? And why didn't I get it moved in the spring. Ah well, another year of bright golden towering stems is bearable.... The Stella d-Oro day lilies that I moved last fall are small, but blooming....

It makes my heart happy to see the climbing hydrangea, - slow to start but this year it has lovely lacy caps and it is starting to climb. Will we live to see it as beautiful and sturdy as it was in the Lost Garden?

Tomorrow perhaps I can find some marigold to move, and maybe some california poppies.

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