Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7th, 2009

Hoping for rain, but it is teasing, - it comes for five minutes, then runs away and hides.....

Nevertheless, the garden progresses. Hot weather hard on the peonies, which didn't linger long in the blistering sun. Made the potatoes grow though!

and the first delphiniums are now in bloom

as well as the climbing roses that survived the winter...

I picked half a dozen red poppies this morning, and took them to church along with some cream columbine and blue flax. They sat on the sanctuary steps as a commemoration of the 65th D Day anniversary, and in memory of those who served.

There are still many fat buds, anxious to open their scarlet petals, and I am hoping that the pink poppy survived as well.

The buds on the Abraham Darby grow larger and keep me in suspense....

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