Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23rd, 2009

I haven't been neglecting the garden - indeed the wheelbarrow has been full of spent poppy greenery today, and remnants from a run-away patch of mint.

The Lilies are blossoming and there is the occasional rose bud opening on the damaged Prairie Princess, but the most exciting news of all is that the bud on the Abraham Darby has bloomed true!

There are four towering branches reaching almost to the top of the barn flowers and coming from below the graft on the root. But there are three branches from above the graft, and with tender loving care I hope this rose will recover.

The Precious rose that we brought from the Lost Garden has a small delicate shoot, about three inches high. I hope it is a portent of resuscitation...

Charles has been tending the curly willows along the fence, and yesterday we bought two mole traps to ward off those pesky creatures. Instant success this morning.

The growth on the baby trees is fabulous and encouraging.

Down in the apple orchard the June drop is over, and the apples left are a great size for this time of year.

Caspar and I walk down the road and peer into the lovely coolness of the grassy avenue between the trees.

The horses come to visit, - Worms, Chester and Uncle Dudley, and the first apricot coloured hollyhocks begin to bloom, free of the pests that felled them last year. There are some around here that don't care for hollyhocks, but I have a nostalgic fondness for them.

Tomorrow we will look at the lambs ears, blooming, and the little starry flowers that came with the roll of wildflowers. And the sweet peas and the shasta daisies, and the yellow daisy, and the lovely delphinium that are reaching the end of their glory. And the cornflowers and pansies, - I need more room, more room...

Now it is time for bed

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Amanda said...

You have absolutely beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing them!