Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The Oriental Poppies are so beautifully flamboyant, and they last such a short time, - I can't resist sharing them....

Another cool and refreshing morning in the garden. I spied the first sweet pea hidden in the mounds of vines and leaves. How will I contain them - perhaps search out the bungy cords!

The late Iris and the last of the buttercups, just around the corner from the Philadelphia Orange, fragrant and coming into full bloom.

No birds have ever taken out residence in the little bird mansion, but it looks pretty amidst the greenery.

Charles thinks a pair of quail may be favouring the garden for a nesting place. Miss Callie has taken to resting in the curly willow, but she's such a wiss (sp) I doubt if she would ever bother them.

The delphinium are the flower of choice for the church this week-end, but next Sunday they will share the honours with the lilies, and maybe a couple of roses.

June and Garden - like cake and ice cream. Absolutely delicious and two glorious parts of a beautiful whole.

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