Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 26th, 2009

The lamb's ears are encroaching on the driveway, blithely. They care not where they go, - even across the road and down the path.. If I could I would dig a whole bunch of the babies up, pot them and give them away.. not the right time of the year for that, though.

The Shastas didn't abide the long spell of cold weather during the winter, but they were rather running wild last summer, so this has tamed them down somewhat. They are still lovely and bright and fresh, and I plan to use some of them with the sweet peas on the altar this Sunday.

And here are the sweet little star flowers (whose name I don't know). There are more of them in the bed by the trailer, and they lend a certain delicacy to the more brilliant flowers.

The sweet peas, growing ever taller. Past the point where I can open the garden umbrella... it is a constant task to keep the volunteers at bay, and I love the garden, but it is getting rather like a jungle. A great removal, replanting scheme is going to have to be devised....

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