Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3rd, 2009

Neglecting the blog, but not the garden...

Yesterday I dug some wild buttercups that have been crowding out the iris and the oriental peony. And while I was at it I transplanted some of the iris that is growing where it is too shaded. Away from where it didn't bloom this year, into the peony bed where it is replacing newly planted peonies that just didn't take.

The barn flower is getting skimpy as I cut out long stems with withered blooms on them. Soon I will be able to cut them all down, and allow new growth, so that during September and October it will be a more civilized size.

My mind is busy re-arranging the garden, - making room where treasured plants have become crowded - especially where those enormous violet plants have taken over.

Here is a picture of Sheree in the garden when she visited on Sunday.

Lots of fall work still to come, but all of it a pleasure. Well, - digging not so much so. Not the next day, anyway.

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Pat said...

What an absolutely lovely garden you have! And you have time to blog, too!