Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garden Diary
September 30th, 2009

How can September have flown by so fast....

The garden begins to look as if it is entering into October, - the roses in their last flush, the chrysanthemum buds about to open into riotous colour and the sedum still looking quite splendid as they mature.

The new Europa planted this year had done particularly well, and has some lovely rich red blooms as we go into October.

Another first year bloom, - the Pink Delight.

A little corner of the garden with asters predominating, - splendidly!

Another lovely rose, and below a new sunflower bloom.

The row of curly willows along the roadway....

and the man who planted them, tended to them, and flits by on the tractor every once in a while....

Tomorrow I will plant more double peony tulip bulbs, some daffodils and some tiny white narcissus around the forget-me-nots.

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Grace and Bradley said...

Sounds you will have a very beautiful spring flower season for next year. Happy gardening!!