Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden Diary
September 24th, 2009

A new steam cleaner has kept me busy with carpet cleaning this past week, but with the weather continuing to be sunny, not too hot and just perfect for being in the garden I ventured forth with the small garden shovel, a wheelbarrow full of top soil and my garden gloves.

I started the sprinkler at the end of the garden where the soil was getting dry and then moved on to devastate the couch grass and dig up patches of the large violet plants that have been filling in any empty space in the garden that they can find. A few bulbs popped up, but I reburied them in the freshly dug ground, and wished them well.

Charles cut the lawns yesterday with the garden tractor, so everything is looking quite spiffy up here in the back pasture.

While taking a little tour around the outside perimeter of the garden I came upon the beautiful purple clematis that climbs the centre of the willow that came along with it as a small seedling.

These cheerful yellow daisies have been blooming in the garden since June, enjoying the sun and the rain and the birds that come and feast above them. They show little sign of closing shop.

They are joined here by some late white delphinium.

Here are the Autumn Joy Sedum - they are scattered through the garden so their loveliness is shared in all parts.

Most spectacular of all is the fall Aster which stands almost six feet tall and is in full bloom these days, to the delight of the bumble bees.

The various roses, and the phlox, are enjoying the sunny days and cool nights.

Even these two pretty 'grocery store' roses....

I look at the garden, darkly, as through a veil of grasses...

I left the shovel and the wheelbarrow in the middle of the garden path - encouragement to spend another delightful hour gathering up the invaders.

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