Friday, September 11, 2009

Garden Diary
September 11th, 2009

The days are simply scrumptious, - calm, cool and sunny with a lovely tang in the air.

This morning I started to removed some of the depleted annuals from around the peony bed, where I want to plant the Iris that Vince dug up for me, out of the shade. They have been in a little nursery pot for almost a weeek, and time that they planted their little corms over a hump of nice rich earth, with the roots dangling down on each side into the newly dug earth. They had not been doing well in the shade, - it is so important for the corms to protrude some of the ground in order to gather the sunlight to themselves and manufacture those lovely irises that bring such pleasure.

From early in the morning, all through the day, the goldfinches and other small birds are making themselves at home in the sunflowers and the cosmos. The leaves move in the sunshine as the birds flitter here and there, and at the least creak of the door they are all up and away, into the curly willow trees where all is safe and cool and green.

There are a few late delphiniums but many of the stalks were broken when a wild wind blew the barn flowers over on top of them.

Roses are meeting the challenge of fall, - the large purple aster plant is well on its way to domineering the garden (now that the barn flower has been cut back to a more civilized size).

There are pretty cosmos and nasturtium, - every where the plants are enjoying the cool fall weather.

Bedtime - more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely flowers to brighten up the day!