Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16th, 2013   1.30 p.m.

To distract myself, a posting to record the garden in the middle of June......

The roses at the gateway to the side garden - stretching their beauty half way across the newly cut lawn, and I hear Charles chiding me to cut them back to make room for his cart!!!!

But perhaps he can enjoy them in all their wild splendour from where he is now......
and I hope this is so.
The last of the Yellow Iris have folded up and gone away to prepare for next year
but in their place the delphinium take centre stage, very tall, very lovely, very pristine
 having left all their colour back at the hill garden from where they were transplanted.
There are a few blue plants amongst the lilies in the side garden, but they are just now
putting a tentative foot forward, waiting for the lilies to blossom forth.
The lavender clematis on the other side of the gate is starting to grow over the trellis

very prolific and very determined
some volunteer chamomile against the fence, being only one of the places it is in the garden
it is in competition with the Chinese Lantern Railway and its town depot, here in the back garden

more roses - the camera is addicted to them!

and all the pots are flourishing, - the squash, the pumpkin, the cucumbers and the baby tomatoes,
as well as the peppers

Here is Mister Lincoln, looking very grand, with the delphinium for a background

and the sumptuous Abraham Darby, just a little past its prime

the yellow daisies begin to open in the large pot at the garden entrance and will
soon be the mainstay of the garden on into October, - around the Mountain Ash
and at the feet of the Pussy Willow.

a few pots of begonias in the shaded part of the garden, doing well,  and I don't know
why I didn't plant more of them.

A few days ago I went to the garden on the hill and drove up the lane, lined with
the curly willow that Charles started from cuttings, planted and tended
so diligently
They are very lovely, and he would be pleased. (taken with the little pink phone)

The roses there are abundantly beautiful, - overgrown and showing off!

the Prairie Princess,  coming to the end of her spring flush

the Philadelphia Orange competing for best all around fragrance with the various roses

I will say nothing about the cutch grass that has staked claim
amongst the peonies and the poppies, etc. etc.
 The cool weather in May and June has been marvelous for growing;

kind and encouraging to all plants and flowers

and a joy to me  as I lose myself amongst them.


David said...

It is so nice to be able to share in the results of your passion for gardening, . . such a display of colour mom . . . I know Dad is enjoying it too.
XO Lyle-David

Nan said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. May they offer solace and peace to you.