Friday, June 28, 2013

The end of June in the Garden

 June 28th, 2013

Suddenly our cool rainy weather has been displaced by a hot summery High and soon all the wrapped up hoses will have to be stretched out and the sprinklers will start their hot weather schedule.

It has been such a treat for the flowers - everything has been so exuberantly verdant!

Gorgeous roses, but coming to the end of the first flush now.

and out in the back garden the Mister Lincoln and A. Darby got all tangled up
with the white delphiniums that grew so tall they were vulnerable
to the wind and stormy weather and were bent all hither and yon

The Lilies are coming into bloom,   magnificent long buds
that have slowly opened during this day.

 The purple clematis by the front gate have covered it in great profusion.

and all the pots are doing famously


Soon yellow will be the predominant colour in the garden as all the
rudebeckia and yellow daisies
turn their faces to the sunshine


We will see how everything manages with the warm weather of July.

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