Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25th, 2013

As we approach the end of May the weather continues to vacillate between sweet summer days with blue skies and warm breezes, and cold rainy Lows that circle over the south Okanagan, reluctant to part from this beautiful valley but occasionally making it miserable with its cold, wet attentions.

However, out in the back garden nobody seems to give a hoot and everyone is going right ahead with the party, blooming and blossoming and greening and reaching high for the sky.

The lovely white, single peony that Sharon shared with me

and the Blaze that has followed me for the last seventy years in all our gardens
the yellow Iris are slow to bloom, and teasing, but reaching great heights
and high promises

the cabbage roses that last year ran rampant over the gate have been tamed
with pruning

the Coral Bells, as tried and true as ever, are scattered through the raised bed

and over by the back fence the bag of potatoes are overflowing the top and
preparing to bloom

here is a pot of pansies that sits on the back deck, along with two pots of lilies
that I planted in layers and I am eager to see the results!!

a nice spot to coffee and rest

some of the pots on the front steps

and the oriental poppies in the side yard

after trying year after year I had almost given up hope of having Foxglove in my garden
but here they are in all their beautiful Monet colours!

more of the climbing roses

and a shady corner in the front, where the Hostas grow.

more pots, more peonies, a lovely columbine and the first Mister Lincoln bud.

The garden is always a joy, but this year it has been an extra blessing and I am so grateful for all the beauty,  and the days that open time to seeding and planting, throwing gloves aside and feeling the lovely dirt on my hands and the satisfaction in my heart. 

Of course I chat a lot to Charles about what is happening out there and consider what his advice would be about what to snip and where to plant...and so the days pass by....


David and Nicola said...

Beautiful!! Just beautiful. I'm sure we could smell the roses as we wandered down your garden path with you - thank you so much for sharing Mum. What a delight. Much love!

Jannibele said...

Oh my, what a beautiful garden. All your flowers brightened my day. Summer has come for sure to you. Lovely.