Thursday, May 2, 2013

Early days in May and I am enticed back to my garden diary by the wonderful response to April's cool and fickle weather in the little raised bed in the back garden.  Everything is full of, growing and  gratifying as I find solace in the lovely dirt!  Dust to dust, and from whence grows all this beauty!

As of now it is mainly green, - lovely leaping green-fired stalks and buds and leaves, and newly wakened roots reaching deep into the earth to create this photosynthetic magic. 
But down towards the bottom of the bed the Oriental Peonies are rosily pregnant,
bursting with enthusiasm and the promise of lovely fringed blossoms.
and one lone yellow ranunculus - but not for long.
Soon they will be running rampant, anxious to surround each neighbouring plant
and spread their sunny faces throughout the whole bed.
I see they are friendly with the ubiquitous cutch grass and the spreading violet, as well.

The bleeding heart, which I thought we had lost, has started to bloom,  and on the right the small bridal veil shrub I bought to celebrate our anniversary two or three years ago puts forth small fragrant dainty blooms.  It moved quite comfortably from the garden on the hill, and makes itself at home, although soon it will need more room to expand.

I am full of hope that this year there will be a magnificent display of Foxgloves.
The second year plants I bought from the nursery are energetic, and budding out
and even the plants we put in beside the front walk are doing quite nicely.
The little handkerchief lawn at the back is gay with the last of the tulips, and along the side garden
the quince blossoms are beautiful against the tiny white blossoms of the
shrub I don't know the name of!
Outside the fence at the front
and a few forget-me-nots to end tonight's small record.

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