Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31st, 2012

The last day of May in the garden and it holds some lovely surprises.

The single white peony that Sharon gave me from her garden bloomed this morning - I am so happy that I was able to identify it when I moved peonies from the Hill Garden last fall!

and so did the tall yellow iris, joining the pretty mauve iris from up above....

none of the other iris that I replanted last fall show any sign of blooming, although they look healthy and quite sturdy.  I wait anxiously to see if I captured the corm of that gorgeous rusty that is so beautiful.

If I didn't I can always do the whole exercise over again, marking it when it is in bloom

The most splendid surprise of all that greeted
me this morning was the Abraham Darby, - all its leaves bright, shining and green, - and at least two blooms fully open and glorious in the morning sun.

and the poppies - very exotic with their darkened petals around the black fringe of their eye -

skirts all scarlet and swirled.  Very gay and seductive.

The pink climbers and the Red Blaze next to the garden shed
are getting ready for the June show

A flicker stops to drink from The Lady's  water bowl 
and appears to express his appreciation with a sweet kiss

We spent the morning in the garden, getting water and sprinklers organized

and it was time I feel we are so blessed to have.

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Island Rambles Blog said...

the garden looks lovely...enjoyed the roses, I am having trouble seeing the new capchas so my comment may not work.