Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th, 2012

The last three weeks in the garden where magical things are happening.

It was such a pleasure to come upon all the spring bulbs that spent the fall and winter
underground, gathering all the energy and beauty of the good rich earth
and springing forth to delight us in April and May

Some great-grandchildren came to gambol amongst them, like little spring lambs

and Bruce too, of course, who also had big kisses for Grandpa

the anemones outside the white picket fence put on a good show for passers-by at the beginning of May

over the fence in the neighbour's yard the apple blossoms  delighted us, and the neighbour's cat
(under the tree) 

while the birds dropped in for a little rendezvous and treat , tucked away amongst the evergreens

More tulips joined the chorus line

the quince blossomed, intertwined with a delicate white flowered vine not known to me - yet

and the tall long-legged tulip that grows amongst the climbing roses at the head of the side yard waved gracefully, half-way up the fence

lovely things began to happen in the raised bed that holds all the plants from the 
garden on the hill

the bleeding heart bloomed profusely, and the oriental peony with somewhat more restraing

from the tender big leafed rhubarb at the end of the b ed
we had our first rhubarb crisp

and then it was lilac time, and the mountain ash blossomed along with them
to add a beautiful creamy contrast to the rich royal purple

 the peonies began to blossom


 and the sweet peas I had planted behind the pansies poked their little double leaves up through the top soil

lovely volunteers

and a dainty columbine, quite different from what I am familiar with

oh, here are the allium, - stgately yet delicate

and the red willow that Charles tidied up so nicely is all abloom

as are the coral bells

the hosta has taken quite well to it's new home in the shady corner

and the peonies grow larger and more elegant each day, - these are the peonies who have made their home here for a few years, - I am anxious to know how the plants from the hill will adapt, and did I get the beautiful white one???

it is still early days, - the poppies are pregnant with promises

and the lilies too

this purple clematis by the front gate is pushing forth buds

Frank helped me plant a golden honeysuckle today, and another pale clematis

and in a week the roses will be out, even the new Abraham Darby

it is quite fun in the garden these days!

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Island Rambles Blog said...

Oh Hello, I really love your garden blog...(I came here from your other blog, supposed to be over there but your garden is sooo lovely...)I think I will just sit here and enjoy all the is universal I guess see tulips and honeysuckle and nod to each other and say yes, I have that talk ...I miss it!!