Monday, June 25, 2012

June the 24th, 2012

So far this month seems to have disappeared in mists and showers, and where the time has flown to I do not know.  Here we are, just starting the last week in June, and here we are with a record of what has been growing in the garden for the last three weeks, and how lovely it has all been!!

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck - Emma Goldman

and if I had to choose a rose it would be the Abraham Darby

The only iris that bloomed this year, except for one tall blue plant I brought from the hillside????

I wonder why?

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature -Gerard de Nerval

and this is the lovely white single peony from Sharon's garden

Summer set lip to earth's bosom bard,
And left the flushed print in a poppy there.
Francis Thompson "The Poppy" 1891

Here is the little bit of blue flax I brought with us, - a lovely petaled cutout from heaven.
Originally from Jean Willis's garden

The new Honeysuckle I planted this year - smells delicious and is so pretty.

Not too many summery days , but this was a beautiful blue sky with wispy clouds

The roses along the side bed fence are glorious - all crumpled and fragrant
and sweetly perfumed as well.

The pink Poppy stretches through the fence to Herman and Joanna's place,
along with the rambling roses - fair beauty in exchange for the apricots
that hang over our side of the fence from their garden...

the Blaze rose as it starts to bloom, - we have had gorgeous Blazes ever since we
moved to the Similkameen

the lonely columbine

and the pot of fragrant alysum and petunias by the new front steps

Coffee.  Garden.  Coffee.  Does a good morning  need anything else?
Betty Canas

A wonderful surprise to find this single red peony blooming late in the front garden.

More alysum, and pansies that look good here but are being eaten by ants (I believe)
Will have to move one of the small round tins of ant deterrent from the garage.

A tender visitor in the front garden

another delicate tea rose that grows amongst the ramblers

and the scout who watches out for the quail having breakfast at Flo's, across the lane

after David unscrambled the tall rose stems and tied them in place they found the trellis
to climb on, arching above to the purple clematis on the other side

I feel so fortunate to have these glorious roses
 to replace the beautiful climbers we left behind.

pink roses and lavender clematis - Monet colours for sure.

and here is another corner of the garden the artist would have loved..
"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers"  Claude Monet

more delicate pink and white climbers, glistening with drops of water 

and look, amongst them the delphinium has started to bloom!!

a little corner outside the picket fence - colour poking up through the dainty
Fever Few

Here is the new clematis which was supposed to be pink, but this dark purple
is quite acceptable

flowers in the raised bed, - a white clematis from the hillside
and the bit of canterbury bell I found this spring.  I thought it would be a
vivid purple, but this lovely waxy white is pure and beautiful.

The batchelor buttons have grown incredibly tall
and behind them a small clump of shasta daisies has started to  bloom.

a busy bee coming in for a landing on the corel bell, prepared to re-fuel

the day lilies have taken over in the front bed, along the fence

and here is the first yellow daisy to bloom - the mainstay of the garden
in August, as I remember it from last summer.

Despite gloomy skies and a wet June, the garden is doing quite nicely, and
I must remember this and be grateful for the cool days.

The lavender is growing tall and preparing itself to bloom and lend its fragrance to the garden
 from under the hazelnut tree, and the lily buds are growing long and fat and full of promise.

I remember the vivid red one from last summer that was so elegant!


Wanda..... said...

So much beauty in your garden Hildred! It gives you wonderful sights to enjoy in your day.

jane said...

What beautiful flowers and I love your quotes and descriptions - there is a Abraham Darby David Austin rose I wonder if it is the same one - if it is the perfume is really intense - an excellent rose - Thanks for sharing - Jane UK