Monday, June 5, 2017

In the garden - again

June the 5th, 2017
In the Garden again

I lose myself daily in the garden.  Walk to the gate, accompanying my daughter as she leaves after morning coffee, and most days I don't make it  back into the house for an hour or two.

So why, I thought to myself, do I not resurrect my Garden Diary, and in it put my progress with the weeds and my delight in the magic and daily surprises I find here!!

So I did....

and here is my first entry, after three years....

Bruce and I came out for early coffee this morning and listened to all the twittering going on as the small birds go about their business.  In the background was the flutter of a flock of Clarke's Nutcrackers and the ping as they drop new crop/old crop (?) of walnuts from the neighbour's tremendously large walnut trees on to the tin roof of her shed.  Ping, ping.....

Coffee done, and a little meditation finished, my eye is caught by a small patch of wild violets where that little patch should not be, and I bent to remove it.....wrong move, - once I am in that position my eyes rove along the bed and I am gone for a Burton (not in the usual RAF sense, just missing from the breakfast table!)

The wild violet seems to have taken the place of the Chinese Railway which strewed Lanterns along the root-railway they used to construct, and now when I see one I rather cherish it,  not having too many Chinese Lanterns around for drying any more.

However, the wild violet is so prolific it makes the garden look like an overgrown jungle.  Not all the wild violet's fault, - I am inclined to want everything I have ever had garden-wise tucked in here, and there, and there and there, ad infinitum.......

The jewels of the garden are in the parts, not the whole,
although that is pleasing too if you happen
to be walking down the lane and come
across a little oasis of green grass and flowers.

Today the cabbage roses are in full bloom...

The single white peony is still glorious,
but the iris, and the early peonies, are beginning to tire, and fade

Too many nights out dancing, - 
they are shaggy and faltering
but their memory lingers on...

It seems that the scarlet poppies have been caught by the night winds too.

but they make a lovely picture as they sway in the morning breeze.

It was after ten when I finally came in for breakfast,
but now it is after noon
and time that I had a small snack.

What will tomorrow bring??
Watch for the delphiniums that are beginning to open....
and the lilies, whose buds become more and more pregnant
(is that possible?)

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Nicola said...

Beautiful Mum. Good to see you back in the 'garden diary'. :) thanks for sharing!