Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Garden, the Rain and the Wind

Great lashings of rain these past two nights and the roses at the gate in full bloom, bending their pretty pink skirts down to the ground as midnight showers approach.  

Well, not showers.  They have been really heavy rains, although I don't hear them, sheltered as I am in my small house with two others close by on each side.

Yesterday Frank (who had to take the yard-clipping barrels out to the roadside through a tunnel of cabbage roses and purple clematis)
found a sturdy yellow hose and tied the roses back to the fence.

So today they are erect, but droopingly damp, if you know what I mean.

I am thrilled to have some
foxgloves growing in
the garden...

This seems to be the year
for them.

There is a pot by the back door
with a magnificent  mauve
foxgloves growing in it,
putting out new branches
every day.

 A small bee -
 a lovely pastel shade, 
was hovering over the digitalis 
and each time I tried to get a picture 
it burrowed a little deeper into those lovely speckled blooms.

The clematis was not too much
affected by the rain and wind
as I had secured it to the
scrolls on the iron arbor
that frames the entrance
to the garden,
and besides that clematis has a little
more stamina than roses.

It started to rain again when I was out taking pictures
so I hurried in, only stopping
long enough to take in the scent
of the little new
Philadelphia Orange I thought to rescue from
the old garden, but when I went up there yesterday
I was on cloud nine to see that
the large Philadelphia Orange had survived

and the roses over the gateway Charles made
are a massive pink bloom.

All the dead roses gone
and the garden looking as if someone
loved it.

So pleased and thankful!!!

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