Sunday, January 15, 2012

Now where did we leave off recording the Garden in July, - right after the first week?

The days are long and warm

I am up early, in the cool of the morning, to enjoy the lilies.
Especially the fragrant ones.

And then we got terribly busy and didn't take any more pictures of the garden on the hill until August, when we were settled a little in town and I could find time to go up the hill and commiserate, - but not with the fllowers.  They were as gay as ever, and responding beautifully to the regular watering Sid was giving them...

In town I prepare the raised veggie bed with bags of compost,
ready to transplant peonies first, and then all
the other perennials I can squeeze in!!

October arrives, and I visit the hillside garden to gather flowers for the church

The roses continue blooming, enjoying the quietness and the cooler autumn weather.

As the days go shorter, and fall gathers in, the pot marigold and the chamomile
flourish and brighten the days I go to visit them.

Charles's curly willow have released, and make magic of the lane to the house.

I gather visitors from the Chinese Underground Railway  and hang them out to dry!

The lady fountain, the benches and the bird feeders come to live in the shade of the 
town gasrden, behind the white picket fence.  What will they think of this confinement?
Will they find it cosy and loving?

and in the meantime, back at the ranch, the mums and the leaves
of the peony combine with the scarlet maple to provide a riot of colour.

Finally, in November, I go to the garden one last time and find
this gorgeous poppy making a valiant and beautiful effort to say 'goodbye'

Now the snow embroiders the sedum, and crystallizes the roses and their bright red hips

Next month, in February, I will go back to search for hellebores, and the beginnings of buds,
and to help tidy the garden for spring so neither she, nor I, will feel woebegone!!

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teri said...

This is an amazing collection of photos and a wonderful walk through a lovely garden. A great thing for me on a chilly January evening.