Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd, 2012

My last post here from the Garden on the Hill was in June, just before the confusion of moving descended upon us and there was no time for blogging.
But there was time for wandering in the garden, a little for weeding and pruning back, and the camera went with me each time I wandered the garden path or knelt to pray over soon to be abandoned plants.  Well, not really abandoned, but I wouldn't be there to watch them mature, to bloom, to fade,  to be replaced by the rich colours of fall.

Now, with winter upon us, - short days and long evenings, I have time to go back into the files and find the record of the garden that I snapped on brief visits until the frost took over.  Some of the peonies and daisies and delphiniums and roses and hellebores have come with us, and are tucked into the erstwhile veggie garden at the new house, and perhaps more will come in the spring, but for now, here are the remaining flowers of June, 2011.

This is the garden until the 17th of June, and my next posting will cover the rest of that most perfect month.

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Wanda..... said...

All were lovely, but I especially liked seeing the poppies, peonies and iris...beautiful June garden, Hildred!