Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The garden at the beginning of June....

A very liquid May has resulted in the garden rejoicing that its thirst has been quenched
and it has burst forth with gladness!

The Iris are magnificent, - strait and true, - spendid flags proclaiming the coming of summer.

And the peonies are lush and full blown, with satiny petals and lovely perfume.

In the morning the flax is awash in new heavenly blue blossoms that quiver and wave in the breeze, which today has been quite strong.  Causing them more to bend and bow rather than quiver and quake.

The climbing roses are in full bloom, except for the newly planted Blaze (2009).

The other roses are covered with buds, - especially the Prairie Princess.  I am curious to see what the Darby blossom will be, - some of the exuberant stems I am sure came from the root.

The poppies and the delphinium are in the beginning glory stages

along with the clematis. of course...

Two lovely anniversary presents grace the garden -

St. Francis of Assissi providing water for the birds from the dear Meadow people

and three pretty garden lights from my sister Dot

And now the program won't allow me to upload any more pictures so I will go and busy myself elsewhere.


Wanda said...

You have the most beautiful garden Hildred!!!

Hood Photo Blog said...

So beautiful. What a wonderful variety. If it would just stop raining in my neck of the woods, my garden might bloom too! ;)

Hood Photo Blog