Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th, 2010

Some pictures from the garden, this lovely May day.



The little bit of cutting garden ready to be planted with fragrant night time flowers.

Late spring that feels like early summer, - at least today.


Dimple said...

You have a lovely garden! I recognized most of the flowers, but what is the white one that isn't columbine? Cute little naked fairy children, too!

Anonymous said...

Very very beautiful garden - I love your flower pics, they're all so gorgeous!!!
I read your 'About Me' section that you two have been married 65 years! I don't know when your anniversary is, but that's incredible & a great big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to both of you! My grandparents were married almost 55 years when my g'pa passed away & 10 years later, my g'ma passed - I miss them both sooo much - I have dreams about them both still to this day!!! Ok, my eyes are watering, so I better cut this short! heheheee

Halcyon said...

Your garden is really blooming! I love all those gorgeous flowers. I'm glad you at least got some springtime. It seems we went from winter straight into mid-summer. It's too hot and muggy for this time of year!