Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13th, 2009

oh, oh, - hard at it in the garden this morning.

A cloudy, cooler day to inspire me, but I really didn't intend to get so carried away. Well, it was the remnants of the little mauve daisies and the delphinium that got carried away, - in the wheelbarrow. Along with the weeds that were secretly flourishing in the shade of the bigger plants.

Now the sweet peas have room to breathe deeply and expand, and hopefully, after cutting down the delphiniums, they will start to push up tender new leaves and we will have another mini showing in October!

Tomorrow I will deadhead some more, and then perhaps a few days for the garden to recover and start pushing up the material for the next full wheelbarrow.

The Clematis on the west wall is looking gorgeous, and the little blue one that is finding it's way up the branches of the willow Charles pruned back has some promising buds.

A few volunteer sunflowers are starting to make things cheery, and I was so assiduous in the spring in thinning them there are just enough to provide bright spots and not overwhelm the garden.

We leave that to the barnflower, which despite being cut back in the spring has now taken over central position and is trying to outdo the curly willow in height. Next year it is going to have to move house!!! Right now it is just starting to bloom, and when it is in all it's glorious golden colour, waving in the breeze and looking quite regal, I will be happy with it and take a picture to show you...

Two pairs of orioles came to visit in the garden tonight. - the males still looking handsome and colourful. Who was home looking after the children - or have they all left the nest and it is courting time again?

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