Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Spring....

A very long winter, but when spring finally arrived, late and breathless. she warmed the ground and pressed buttons and here, by the 2nd of May, the lilacs are almost in full bloom, - the daffodils have faded and in their place the tulips dazzle the eye in the sunshine.  The oriental peonies, all lacy and green around each burgeoning bud, promise a lovely display.

The apricot blossoms, just past mid April

The Lenten roses, keeping time with late Easter

Beautiful budding trees and roses

The first sign of bloom on the Bleeding Heart (the Liberal Plant to Conservative sons)

Love the blue of the Periwinkle

and the pinky apricot of the Quince blossom

Lovely Anemones in the garden and all along outside the freshly painted fence

Forget me nots - as if I could

I can hardly believe the rate of growth the peonies are experiencing.

Each morning they seem to have grown another foot, although I know that
is an exaggeration.

The new peonies (newly moved from the Hill Garden) are settling in nicely
not growing at the same rate but nicely budded.

And the Iris - no picture
but I am hoping for a glorious display.

Looking for more soil to fill containers with alyssum, lobelia, geranium,petunia
and oh, lots more.

Along the fence I planted castor beans, sweet peas and morning glories
and now I must find some scarlet runners.

A great gardening adventure, tho' I find my knees are springless these days
and I have to rest a lot, - but it fills the time with some joy and anticipation.


Linda said...

Beautiful photos.

Shady Gardener said...

What beautiful photos. This is a wonderful blog, Hildred. I hope You are doing well.


Very nice post ...
Welcome to my blog on my new post.

Klara S said...

I love the first picture. It's amazing!

piseth san said...

I hope You are doing well.

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