Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Garden, midsumer

August 4th, 2013

 A late lily - double perfection

The phlox made a lovely showing on the Altar, along with some yellow daisies

The Barn Flower chose to worship against the bright blue sky.  It is doing well for its first year planting.

In amongst the raspberries the Rudabeckia stakes its claim.

I have cleared the side bed of all the greedy violets that do not flower, but gobble up
each and every available space - it looks much neater now.

Finally, some beautifully scented potted nicotiana - fragrant in the evening, - and below, a nice spot to sit and enjoy the coolness that comes with the setting sun.

The Rose of Sharon proves once again that there is nothing like a good pruning
to produce gorgeous blooms

and at the gate, a cheery yellow greeting

A hot July, - a hot, hot July, - but the first of August
has brought a little respite
and I look for the second flush of roses, and must remark
on the early persistence of the new Wisteria Vine that already
has a strangle hold on the back fence.


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Nicola said...

So glad you are keeping up this blog! Your photographic record of your garden and the beauty you share is a real gift to us.
Thanks Mum!