Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th, 2012

The first week in August, and it is time to post a little record of what is happening in the garden now.

Definitely the plants are having a little siesta before that last burst of summer brings on more roses, a minor display of delphinium, and all the wonderful fall colours of sedum and chrysanthenum, fall asters and sunflowers.

The side garden is quiet, but the wildflowers in the back corner are blooming gaily between whatever that large perennial plant is that shoots up above the fence and eventually has a sparse bloom of yellow daisy like flowers.  Warm yellows and oranges definitely predominate, but are complemented by the pink of the Abraham Darby and the brilliant white of the phlox.

The Bergamot is doing much better than I expected after a slow start in the new bed, - it was so vibrant in the patch on the hill.  It looks quite gay next to the second bloom on the white Delphinium that got moved into this raised bed along the west fence.  A few sweet peas and morning glories are starting to bloom along this fence, - I expect them to be better next year when the perennial sweet peas have made themselves at home.

A little snippet of yellow barn flower promises to cover the fence in coming years, - it is so prolific.  The wee bit that got left in the garden on the hill has grown to a great large bed which towers over the rest of the garden and calls for me to come and trim it - soon!!!

Birds are going to come a-flocking in the fall, - what a tremendous crop on the Mountain Ash, - the branches are bending low, so heavily laden!

Out in the front the yellow daisies guard the entrance, and the Rose of Sharon is now up above the eaves, each bloom in quick succession adding pink perfection against the house and blending with the purple clematis that just keeps on blooming, all summer long.

We are having a slight respite from the heat, but for a few days it was rather like a furnace outside.  Sydney Smith has something to say about hot weather in Lady Holland's Memoir,

"Heat, ma'am!  it was so dreadful here, that I found there was nothing left for it but to take off my flesh and sit in my bones".


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Carver said...

You have a beautiful garden. Lovely shots.