Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Two months I have been watching for signs of awakening underground, and now, finally, the garden shows sweet green shoots and lovely clusters of small tender leaves, no longer hesitant and shy, bur prepared to take the stage and join the dance!

These beautiful bright shoots are heart warming, although not very photogenic.  Still, here is a picture of a pussy willow catkin, and the scarlet maple, pushing its swelling buds and delicate branches even further skyward this year.

This morning I added four great wheelbarrow loads of stems and twigs, dried flowers and soggy leaves to the compost heap, and gloated over the dark rich loam at the bottom of the pile.

I have been reading Diane Ackerman, - Cultivating Delight, a natural history of her garden.  It has given me so much pleasure.  Her intimate knowledge, her awareness and the marvelous turn of phrase and captivating descriptions, not only of the flowers that live in her garden, but all the other delightful creatures that inhabit it as well.  What draws me to her even more is our shared love of Abraham Darby, that lovely peachy, apricot rose, fragrant with the most appealing scent.

 And here she is amongst the lilies

My morning inspection of all the roses was most satisfying - the Abraham Darby seems to have survived the winter in good health, judging by her swelling buds and vibrant stems, as have all the others lovelies.....

 Such a gorgeous rose.....

I must go now and  light some candles
Tonight we observe 'Earth Hour" and turn off all the power between 8.30 and 9.30.

What shall we do by candlelight!!!!!!

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