Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th, 2010

Fall is drawing in, but even though the Mum's have not yet added their full colour to the garden it is still looking quite appealing.

I post these pictures silently, but a little browsing will reveal which of the sturdy summer and fall flowers soldier on, and the fact that we have removed the sweet pie vines to the compost heap and the sunflower heads to a little pile on the lawn that attracts the small birds.  Soon we will move them along the fence.

You have to look carefully to see the answer to the problem of weeds and grass growing in the garden path, - a vintage tarp from trucking days, cut up and tucked along the pathway.

Tomorrow I will cut flowers to decorate the church for Thanksgiving, - if it is sunny I will have to battle the bees in the large aster plant - at any one time there are probably between 217 and 263 bees, gathering honey......

Pay particular attention to the one lovely foxglove that deigned to bloom this year, - we will have to protect the other eleven through the coming winter, along with the canterbury bells that have put in their first year and are prepared to ring out all over the garden next summer!


Reader Wil said...

If this is your garden, you must be very happy! It's so beautiful! And you are such great gardeners! I have to do some sweeping today, for there are already so many trees shedding their leaves. I shall wait, however, till the sun comes out!
Have a great weekend, Hildred and Charles!

Ann said...

How big is your garden, You and your scooter, you put me to shame. ,y garden is a shambles.

Titania said...

Your autumn garden is wonderful. I think it is such a good idea to put the sunflower seed heads on the lawn to let the birds have a feed.You are such passionate gardeners it is fantastic.