Thursday, September 9, 2010

The September Garden on the ninth day of the month.

Looking slightly dishevelled and neglected

with the Sunflower Cafe open to its small bird customers

and with small bits of summer flowers blooming amongst the autumn asters and sedum

A straight soldierly sunflower volunteer stands guard beside the deep red climber.

and around the corner on the west side of the house the newly planted
Blaze has reached six feet or so, and celebrates with a scarlet farewell to summer

on each side the whorls of the spent clematis shine in the sunlight

in odd places the successful immigrants who arrived on the Chinese Lantern Express
smirk at me, even one tall plant whose hiding place had been discovered
six feet up the sweet pea fence as the plants fade and the seed pods form.

The remainders of the Roses bloom on valiantly

On Monday we shifted the large orange daylily from the middle of the
garden to various other spots, - along the west wall, a few flagging the patio and some
in the bed by the trailer.  I wish them all well..... 

I cherish them all, but still, it is the ladies who crashed the party who bring
the most vibrancy and generosity to the garden
as the small birds gather to feast among their lovely golden hearts.

As I wander the garden a gnome whizzes by on the driveway, flashing a reluctant grin.


Vernz said...

HI thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town... Your place is a paradise ... I can imagine there's eve there and Adam walking ...(not naked, lol) but I swear.. If this is just a bus ride away, I could have beg you to let me in here... Beautiful.

Ann said...

In New Zealand, there are people who have beautiful gardens, and they open their garden to admirers to donate to a cause like cancer awareness. I would nominate your garden as you have maintained such a beautful place and it desreved to be appreciated by others.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful photos, they look alot my little corner of the world.